Kebab Queen aims to push “kebabs” as far as they can go. It is a project of 3 years' thought, love and development. It is a mission to confront preconceptions. Kebab Queen is above all a place for you to adventure and indulge; a unique fine dining experience with no strings attached



I grew up in Aragón in rural Spain, surrounded by nature, learning its amazing products. I graduated in biology, but swapped the lab coat for the apron. I went on to gain a thorough foundation in the classics at Le Gavroche, where I worked my way from Commis Chef to Sous Chef, before founding Le Bab with Stephen & Ed. I draw on my scientific background when cooking. But first and foremost I'm dedicated to flavour and creativity. Kebab Queen is a very special project for us. "Kebabs" gives a surprisingly big gastronomic scope. We aim to explore and execute that to the highest level